Lighting experiments 02

Last post we talked about basic lighting experience and the problems that I faced during my tests.

In this post we will talk about a simple method to avoid the 2 problems that we saw in previous post:

  1. The bright spot on the back. This is due to the camera right light, almost next to the camera. It is this light that causes the reflection on the wall.
  2. Dull shadows. Not so evident but look between my and Mehar’s head…there is the darker region. This is our shadows on the wall. Not desirable.

Another test that I did to overcome the above 2, resulted in this:

Bright spot on the background:
As we recall the bright spot(s) on your background is due to the light reflecting from the wall. If the angle of the light on the fall is pretty straight, the brighter the reflection will be.

By placing the light on the right so that they are a little behind me, but pointed towards me, instead of the background wall, the bright spot is eliminated, and you get a nicely exposed right side of my face.

In addition to this, I had a smaller light next to the camera hitting straight on the face, which caused a shadow on the wall behind me.

To overcome the shadow behind, I put in my SB-600 on camera left, dialed down to 1/32 power to just overcome the shadow on the back-wall.

Another way to reduce the shadow, was to move away from the background (wall in this case). So that shadow doesn’t fall on the wall…

More tests and experiments later. I will try to get exact placements of the lights from next post onwards, so that it helps me and anyone reading this to figure out exactly where the lights were placed.


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